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A) Boots :
Its length is 3.6 meters or 4.8 meters. Durable and inflatable boots are used that drain the water from the drain holes. Boots have 3 pillows. It is ideal for Köprülü Canyon( canyon).

B) Helmet :
It plays a great role in preventing accidents that may occur as a result of hitting hard rocks in the water as a result of any fall. It consists of hard plastic or fiberglass material. It has adjustable belt for binding under the chin. Holes on the helmet allow water to drain out. Canyon ( canyon ) is required within

C) Protective Vest :
It is designed to prevent the athlete's body from sinking into the water as a result of falling into the water or in the event of an accidental fainting injury. Rafting and canyoning are mandatory for tours.

D) Raincoat :
It is a protective suit made of plastic that protects the athlete from rain and wind and balances body temperature. Rafting and canyoning ( canyoning ) tours in rainy weather reduces the cold.

E) Rowing :

These are single and double paddles designed to guide and move the inflatable boat, whose raw material is hard plastic and light metal. Canyoning ( canyoning ) and rafting, when necessary, allows the boat to move without being stuck, not hitting steep rocks in the current or steering the boat without getting stuck in trees.

F) Rescue Rope :
These are rescue ropes that do not wander 20 or 30 meters long and do not sink into the water to reach the person who falls off the boat in any way and walks away. Canyon (canyon ) and stream flow in high waters is an equipment that would not be in a guide.

G) Protective Suit (Neoplem) :
In order to balance the body's temperature in cold weather conditions and Waters , long and short, sleeve and sleeveless models are available made of a material called neoplem substance. Köprülü Canyon water temperature is very low, so it provides a pleasant tour without cold.

H) Shoes:
It is a type of shoe made of plastic and special fabrics that maintain water-resistant foot temperature, which provides high grip on slippery rocks and floors. Antalya köprülü Canyon and especially Canyon (canyon ) is the material that should be for participants.