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Antalya Center, including Side, Manavgat, belek, kemer, Alanya, customer reception hours from the regions approximately 08:00 – 09:30 stop. After an hour-and-a-half journey, our guests are welcomed at the FORTUNE RAFTING meeting point in the village of Karabük, five konak. After a rest break of 10-15 minutes, we are provided with information about Rafting and the region in all languages by our professional guides.

Then the equipment needed for Rafting is presented to our customers accompanied by guides. After the preparations are completed, the starting point of Rafting is reached after a 15 ( 7 km ) minute journey by boarding the vehicles. Our customers can take pictures or videos under the historical bridge, natural water resources and waterfalls located here.

After a walk of about 100 meters, you can choose a canoe for 2 people who want boats for 10 AR people. 14 km of water jumping, body Rafting, fun games are made with a break in the first 7 km of the course. 3 km later, between kızılçamlar, 2 to eat on the edge of the river. breaks are given. After an exquisite meal, 4 km of the remaining course will be completed (14 km).

Our customers are left again to the points where they are taken with happy smiley faces with the vehicles they come from.

Rafting Track Information

The distance between the start and end point on the bridge tea in Antalya is 14 km. It consists of a total of 12 rapitens, 6 of which are large. The water temperature ranges from 12 degrees, its width from 12 meters, and its depth from 1-3 meters. Degree of difficulty +4 species according to the International Federation.